Acropora sp.

Acropora sp.

Common Name : Branching coral

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Acropora species are small polyp stony (SPS) corals and are commonly known as table coral, elkhorn coral or staghorn coral. The coral usually adopts a table or branching shape. Acropora have bright multicoloured branches with colonies of individual polyps. Their polyp extension can make the branches look fluffy in appearance. Acropora retract their polyps if disturbed and typically fully extend their polyps at night to feed. Acropora are described by hobbyists as Acropora coral care Acropora are difficult corals to keep but are very rewarding with their bright colourations. They are sensitive to water chemistry, like high water flow and high lighting. Acropora are light demanding corals and anything between 250 to 300 PAR is adequate for their health. They can turn brown in colour without enough light and too much light can cause bleaching. It is important to adjust both lighting intensity and spectrum. Although Acropora get a lot of nutritional requirements from photosynthesis, their colour and growth benefit from feeding. Our Acropora mother colonies were carefully selected for their unique colour variations. We supply hardy, fully coloured coral frags and mini-colonies grown in the same conditions as hobbyist’s tanks, using artificial saltwater and lighting. Reefaz Aquacultured Acropora are sustainably propagated in captivity without any impact on fragile ocean reefs.

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