Scolymia australis
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Scolymia australis

Common Name : Scoly

Price : UPTO $ 2300.00

Additional information :

Australian Scolymia coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral and are commonly known as a Scoly, Donut Coral or Button Coral. Scolies form a saucer-shaped skeletal structure. Their flesh conforms to the shape of the skeleton and they have two to four mouths. Scolies feed at night, opening their mouths bring out teeth and tentacles. Scolies have individual dynamic colourations and are described by hobbyists as bleeding apples, warpaint, UFOs, rainbow and master scolies. They are highly sought after in the hobby. Scolies originate from the Great Barrier Reef. Scolymia australis are naturally found on reef slopes and sometimes under overhanging structures on hard substrates and rocks.

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